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About Us

About Us

Fire Drops was born in our friend Anita’s kitchen more than 10 years ago! We were always big fans of natural remedies and one day, Anita stumbled upon cayenne pepper. Cayenne is a natural cold and flu treatment that is highly effective at treating sore throats and clearing congestion. After some initial testing, we decided to incorporate cayenne into a convenient lozenge so anyone could easily pop one in their mouth at the earliest signs of a sore or scratchy throat. With the help of some friends and a local manufacturer, Fire Drops was born!

Today, Fire Drops is just one of our product lines. Our Elder Embers and Honey Hots products lines feature elderberry concentrate and organic honey as additional soothing remedies meant to complement cayenne pepper. We’ve attempted to create products for everyone, with our Elder Embers product serving up a milder heat, while our Fire Drops product continues to pack a strong punch of cayenne. Our ultimate goal and mission as a company is to help people feel their best in a way that doesn’t compromise personal health. We hope our products can offer you some relief in the midst of some of the everyday ailments that impact us all.

Wellness Subscriptions

Keep your cold and flu arsenal stocked with our Wellness Subscription packages. We’ll send a steady supply of natural wellness products to your front steps so you can keep that pesky cold contained, all season long. Free shipping on all eligible subscriptions. Cancel anytime with no minimum commitment.

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